Encounter the Heart of God

Six Week Lenten Challenge

February 17-April 1

Looking for a fruitful and fulfilling Lenten activity for yourself or group? Join us for a transformative journey to Encounter the Heart of God. Six weeks of enrichment and community for a $49 contribution to charity (almsgiving).


Giving up chocolate for Lent is so cliche! This Lent, allow yourself to be immersed in the ocean of God's Love in community with others. A mere ten minutes per day in prayer or reflection can enable you to:

  • Experience God's Love Personally
  • Alleviate Anxiety
  • Discern God's Presence
  • "Hear God in Scripture
  • Connect via Private FB Community
  • Leader's Guide/ Support for Groups

Encounter the Heart of God

Six Week Lenten Challenge

Week 1:


  • God Seems Removed
  • Prayer Doesn't Work
  • Complicated Image of God


  • If God Really Knew Me, How Could He Love Me?
  • I Am Not Good Enough – Guilt vs Shame
  • Countering the Inner Critic


  • Longing for "More" in Life
  • Trusting in God
  • Vulnerability: Our Need for God


  • Reducing External and Internal Noise
  • Head vs Heart
  • Navigating with the Spirit


  • Listening with Heart
  • Seeking Healing
  • Embracing Inner Freedom

Ready to Encounter the Heart of God this Lent?

Register today for Six-Week Lenten Challenge with $49 to SVP or CRS using the link below (email below for financial waiver).

Questions? Email Martha@IHSCoach.com

Words of praise from past attendees

"A life-changing experience.  Thank you and thank God! — MD

I do want to thank you for offering this virtual retreat!  The exercises using a parable to gain access to the Heart of Jesus for my woundedness proved to be VERY helpful in moving my heart closer to HIS HEART FOR ME!  — CW

Thank you so very much for leading this virtual Retreat.  I can't say enough about it.  I enjoyed this so much, and so much applied to my life, that it's hard for me to tell you just one thing that really stood out.  I am planning to take your next retreats and I know I'll learn a lot from you in those sessions too.  — MW

This virtual retreat unravelled the knot I unconsciously have had for years in 15 minutes  — RP

The meditation on the Good Samaritan was spectacular!  I will do that meditation again (and again).  I think it will provide healing for anxiety over the current situation of the political strife in America, the pandemic and limited access to visiting our loved ones. You are so knowledgeable, I am excited to attend whatever retreat comes next.  Thanks so much! - BH

After the virtual retreat, I felt a sense of calmness that has eluded me these past few months. Two days later, I still feel enveloped by a peaceful optimism.  That's saying a lot in these difficult times. — JS

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this Challenge for?

Christians who are longing for a deeper connection with God and each other, as we seek God's desires for us during Lent. A Challenge is different from a seminar or presentation in that it is intended to stretch participants to prayerfully reflect on each week's theme and open themselves to new possibilities and personal transformation. And we are all starved for community, connection and growth, are we not?

What Can I Expect?

The bulk of this Challenge will be conducted on a Private Lenten Challenge FaceBook group. A brief video and reflection exercise will be released three days each week and can be viewed on demand in less than 5 minutes. If you do not have access to FB, you will be sent an internet link to the videos and exercises. Each Sunday, Martha will lead a 1-hour live session to explore that week's topics at a deeper level and respond to questions.

Looking for Connection or a Group Activity?

Designate a leader for your group. Send an email to Martha@IHSCoach.com with their contact info. We will send you a leader's guide so your facilitator can hold a separate virtual meeting with your group for deeper sharing.

No group? No problem! The best way for an individual to enjoy connection and community is to participate in the Private Lenten Challenge FB Group. Links available for those w/o FB.

What Is Included in the Challenge?

  • 18 (<5 mins) videos (3/week)
  • 18 reflection exercises (3/week)
  • 6 live 1-hour virtual events (Sundays) Recap of topics and Q&A.
  • Lenten Challenge Private FB Group
  • Leader's guide for group facilitators.
  • Support & encouragement
  • God's transforming grace!

About the Coach

Martha Gross has been leading retreats at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in  Conyers for over 16 years. She is Jesuit trained, holding a Masters in Theological Studies and a post graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Spring Hill College. 

Martha is a spiritual coach – one who helps others recognize and respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Many think that a relationship with God is somehow up to them to make happen, leading to frustration and often failure.  She encourages others to recognize the Creator acting directly on the creature in personal and unconditional love. The creature is invited to recognize, receive and respond to that Love, which slowly heals and transforms us.

Questions? Contact Martha@IHSCoach.com

Encounter the Heart of God

REGISTER NOW BEFORE IT FILLS UP! A donation to charity of $49 is requested (almsgiving). Contact email below for financial hardship.

Questions? Email Martha@IHSCoach.com